We’ve shot a LOT of editorial and lifestyle photos, and I recently realized that despite the diversity of subject material, I’m always on the lookout for the same thing. Depending on what the client wants, I’ll play around a little with angles and looks and lighting — but inevitably, the shoot REALLY gets going in earnest when I uncover the thread of a story. My favorite photos suggest a larger story behind or surrounding the photo.  What are those two people in the background discussing? What joke did those executives just share? For how many years has that man been coming to this barber? (Click a photo for a full-sized scroll.)

For editorial photos, my goal is to shoot images that could (not necessarily should, but could) run with minimal or even NO text — wordless stories, or at least story snippets.

What do you want the lifestyle photos from your shoot to convey, to provoke, to imply? The mix of professionalism and warmth in your workplace? The sense of mischief and fun that your large corporation has maintained? The individualism and dedication of your students? A sense of peace and reflection?

What’s your story?  Contact us — we’d love to help you tell it.


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